“A student who believes he knows it all will never master the art of Jujitsu.” Sensei David Scanlan


Ranks and Titles

6th Degree Black Belt - Jujitsu

2nd Degree Black Belt - Aiki Jujitsu

1st Degree Black Belt - Self-Defence (GBASSDA)

1st Degree Black Belt - Iaijutsu (Swordsmanship)

4th Degree Black Belt - Jujitsu (BJJAGB)

Title of Renshi - Polished Master

Title of Soke - Head of School (Ryu)

Instructor of the Year - World Kempo Arts Federation

Inductee to the Black Belt Hall of Fame - World Kempo Martial Arts Renmei


Falling in love

David’s love affair with Martial Arts began in the 1980s. And despite experimenting with a few, it was Jujitsu that captured his attention. After a long conversation with the late Sho Dai Soke Rogers, David attended his first class. And so, the journey began. Upping training to six nights a week, Jujitsu soon had its roots firmly in his heart.


Trials and Tribulations

But with any relationship, it is not always easy. Over the years David faced many challenges. From early gradings, to internationals, to testing for his Shodan in the mid-1990s (A gruelling seven-hour process assessed by a panel of senior Dan grade Jujitsukas). But no amount of training could have prepared him for the loss of the late Sho Dai Soke Rogers. In 2017, after a long and brave battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis, David’s friend, mentor and eventually his father in law passed away.


The Journey Continues

Following this sad loss, David assumed the title of Soke, becoming head of the Zen Ha Kenpo Ryu system of Jujitsu. To this day, David takes this title very seriously. He constantly strives to improve his practice and help others along their journey. Brushing shoulders with the greats (including Professors Terry Parker, Martin Dixon, Russell Stuttley, Gary Gasser, Rick Moneymaker, Bernie Witcher, Steven Baker, Bryan Cheek, Allan Tattersall and Richard Morris to name a few), gives David the opportunity to, learn reflect and grow as a practitioner. And by passing on his extensive knowledge to the next generation, he hopes to inspire others to continue this legacy.

Email: risingsunmartialarts@outlook.com or Call: 07734906498 for more details

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