What do we do?

At Rising Sun Martial Arts, we train adults and children of all levels in the art of Japanese Jujitsu, building stamina, agility and strength. Our judgment free dojo provides a fun haven in which to finely attune your skills. With regular gradings, we can monitor and support your progression throughout your journey. Whatever your age, ability or gender, if you have the desire to learn, we have the desire to teach you!


What should I expect?

Your Jujitsu journey, should you choose to accept, is not going to be easy. Japanese Jujitsu is a Martial Art for a reason. And that reason is simple. Like all arts, Jujitsu requires discipline, precision, strategy and skill. But don’t panic. This will come with time. And with the help of your Sensei and training partners at Rising Sun Martial Arts, this process of mental and physical growth can rapidly become addictive.


Why Jujitsu?

Jujitsu’s practical application is a major reason for its popularity. Unlike other martial arts, from your first lesson you learn techiniques that can be implemented in a defense situation. Jujistu focuses less on powerful strikes and more on precision, making Jujitsu acessible to all. Using a combination of strikes, locks and throws Jujitsu better equips you for all manner of attacks. Commonly considered the founding father of Japanese martial arts, it is not difficult to see why Jujitsu has endured and why it is the chosen fighting system for military, special forces & law enforcement agencies around the world.


Our Guarantee

Fun and fitness are not two words that you regularly see together. But at Rising Sun Martial Arts, they go hand in hand.

Want to give it a try? With your first session free, what is there to lose?


Email: risingsunmartialarts@outlook.com or Call: 07734906498 for more details

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